Saturday, November 16, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes Photos: The Muley and Friends Show - Intro Videos

There was a lot of fun as we got together and did video introductions for the characters to be featured in the upcoming "The Muley and Friends Show."  You'll soon get to meet:

Muley the Mule (Muleton Mule, Jr.)
Missy Mule
Buford the Dog
Roy Duck
Jonathan Monroe
Nora Moore

And for a few followers, you'll be glad to see a special cameo by the Santa Fish.

The intro videos will be followed by some Fun-n-Games, and a letter by an educator to help parents and children work together.  There will be a lot of fun times for you as well as us!

Script and Screen Shot Storyboards

When you're the photographer, you seldom get to be in pictures.
When you are the photographer and you get to show up in pictures,
they look like this.

Brad Alsobrook sitting with Missy Mule's backdrop

Andrew Chandler studies a 1976 map of Walt Disney World.

Drew Russom makes everyone sound great.

Ed Griffith directs from the camera, Lisa Fletcher looks on.

Jonathan meets Santa Fish for the first time again...
hope he likes eating seafood.

Martheus Wade has such a bright aura.

Buford the Dog, Muley the Mule, and Roy Duck take a rest.

Nora rests on Jonathan's couch, reading a graphic novel,
and is interrupted by Missy Mule.

Missy Mule thinking she's going to be on a show
called 'The Missy and Friends Show.'

Janet Wade waiting to assist Missy Mule, and
Nora is still reading.

Brad holds the microphone to get good sound of Nora and Missy.

Created, written, directed by Kevin L. Williams
Videography, direction by Ed Griffith
Sound by Brad Alsobrook and Drew Russom

Jonathan Monroe performed by Jonathan McCarver
Nora Moore performed by Nora Childers

Assistants to:
Muley the Mule - Kevin L. Williams
Buford the Dog, Santa Fish - Martheus Wade
Roy Duck - Andrew Chandler
Missy Muley - Janet Wade

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