Monday, January 15, 2018

The Congo Cabaret: Hosted by Muley the Mule and Friends - Part 4: SHOWTIME! Part Two

(Intermission has happened, the house band featuring Cabaret Band, Brennan Villines on keyboard, Tamar Love on bass, and Chris Burgess on percussion, walk out to their instruments and start Act 2 with the Entr'acte Music "Everything's Coming UP Roses" from Gypsy!)

Lights rise on the stage, and the announcer introduces your Mule of the Night!  Of course, he's interrupted by Missy Mule who chooses to announce the next act of strong women who, instead of being introduced by a "boy" should also be introduced by a strong woman - of six years old!  Julia Hicks, Catherine Dixon and Katy Musolino performing Those Were The Days My Friend!

At song's end, Frankie rushes back to the stage to take over the show and perform his own act, to which stage manager Buford the Dog stopped him, "Wait right there, Mr. Franken-atra!"  
"Stein-atra, puppy! The name's Steinatra."
After shooing Frankie Steinatra from the stage, Buford introduced Prof. Randall rushing, who channeled the spirits of Merle Haggard and Hank Williams performing Lovesick Blues and Today I Started Loving You Again.

Roy Duck interrupted Muley with an announcement to get his coat on, because Buford told him "Winter Is Coming!"  Had talent coordinator Roy Duck looked at the notes, he'd have seen who Muley announced next:  David Winter singing One Less Bell To Answer.

A rousing round of applause for David Winter as Muley prepares to announce the next act.  But, Buford lets him know that they left.  So, Muley moves on to the next act - who also left according to Buford.  A few more and Muley asks, "What's going on?"  "Frankie, man," Buford replies.  "Frankie has run nearly everyone off!"  Muley and Buford agree to do what they always do in the face of adversity: make it up as they go along.  A reintroduction of Brennan Villines was made as "less filling and better tasting."  Why?  It's a Muley thing...

Muley started his next introduction but was distracted by the fact that there were no interruptions.  After talking about no interruptions, he was interrupted by Roy Duck who told him, "You may have noticed there were no interruptions this time, right?"
"Yeah, until about 5 seconds ago..."
Roy Duck then told Muley that was because Frankie Steinatra had tied everyone up in his attempt to take over the stage and own the show!  In a rush to go help, Muley introduced Zarabeth "Z.B." Davis who performed Stars and Moon.  (Also, the "in show" photos are by her husband, Chris!)

Finally, after having freed his friends, Muley returned with a big thank you to Zarabeth and his friends and the audience for being there when he was interrupted by Frankie!
"Woah, there, mule-boy, the show's not over until I perform My Way."

"Frankie," Muley said, "this isn't YOUR show, you're not doing anything YOUR way!"
After realizing it wasn't about doing the show "his" way but about him performing the song "My Way," Muley stepped back and allowed Frankie to have the floor.  Calling out the show's director, Joel Chapman, Frankie and Joel performed "My Way" in the style of Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti.

Muley's mad dash back to the stage for final introductions to the whole cast and crew!!
"And this, ladies and gentlemen, absolutely brings us to the end of our show but before we go let’s bring out our cast and give them a big round of applause!

Cheryl Cornish and Mark Allen, 
Joel Chapman and Jonathan Devin, 
Sonia Walker, 
The Group Sibella: Tamar Love and Sarah Dietsche, 
Julia Hicks, Catherine Dixon, and Katy Musolino, 
Prof. Randy Rushing as Merle Williams, 
David Winter,
Zarabeth Davis, 
Frankie Steinatra, and my friends: 
Missy Mule assisted by Janet Wade 
Buford the Dog assisted by Martheus Wade 
Roy Duck assisted by DaMarco Randle 
and my personal assistant, Kevin L. Williams!
The chefs: Jeron Smart and Gary Dawson! 
The House Band: Chris Burgess, Taymar Love, and Brennan Villines!

Thank you all for coming tonight, hope to see you next time, and remember...!"

The whole cast joined in singing:
"The world is a stage and the stage is a world of entertainment!"

After the fun, the joy was learning that the event raised over $2000 for the food ministries of First Congregational Church.

If you'd like to help raise money for the food ministries which feed lunch to around 150-200 people PER WEEK along with more benefits (food pantry, clothes), CLICK HERE to donate and help your fellow man and woman.  There will be a memo section open.  There, you can list that the donation is for the food ministries.

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