Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Congo Cabaret: Hosted by Muley the Mule and Friends - Part 3: SHOWTIME! Part One


January 22, 2017, 5:30 p.m., and the audience has arrived and fixed their plates, taking their seats at the tables.

During the dessert course, the lights in the house begin to fade, and the lights on the stage come up on Captain Davis of the Bonnieville Police Department to deliver the Pre-Show Announcement.  "No flash photography, no videography, and no audio recording.  In case of fire your exits are over there, over there, somewhere back there and maybe out the window; but, don't get in my way in case of fire.  In case of an alien invasion, get in my way - I hate getting shot by lasers."

As Captain Davis goes backstage, the Cabaret Band, Brennan Villines on keyboard, Tamar Love on bass, and Chris Burgess on percussion, strike up the music with a rousing instrumental of "That's Entertainment."

Muley the Mule, Master of Ceremonies, appears on the stage to welcome the audience and start the show.  He's interrupted by his best friends:  Buford the Dog, Stage Manger, who has come worried about the arrival of Frankie Steinatra of TransylVegas - whose show application was supposed to be returned by Roy Duck, Talent Coordinator, but apparently it wasn't.  After all, they couldn't afford the guy.

Missy Mule finally arrives with her own interruption upset that she's only working in Make-up and Costuming and not performing.

Clearing his friends from the stage came Muley with his introduction of Pastor Cheryl Cornish and husband Mark Allen performing the "Erotica Sonata and Variations" by PDQ Bach.

Just as Muley prepared to introduce the second act of the night, he was interrupted by Buford and Roy Duck to announce that Frankie Steinatra had just arrived.  Convincing them that all would be taken care of, Muley announced Joel Chapman and Jonathan Devin performing "Lily's Eyes" from "The Secret Garden."

Finally, Frankie finds his way to the stage where he's confronted by Missy and told he can't be there because he can't be afforded.  To which he replies, "I'll turn it in as a charitable donation."

He leaves and Missy announces Brenan Villines performing his own original songs "Better Than We've Ever Been" and "Live On."

After convincing Roy Duck to NOT sing Lou Rawls, Muley introduced our top-secret performer for the night: performing "I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore" from "Gigi," Pastor Sonia Walker!

Without the permission of Stage Manager, Buford the Dog, Missy Mule changed the show line-up to include Frankie Steinatra.

Now needing to fix the show's line-up, Muley runs off after introducing Sibella including Tamar Love and Sarah Dietsche performing their original tunes "Friends," "Your Name On My Lips," and "Hard Row To Hoe."

In a big blow-up between Muley and Missy, she convinces him to sing a duet with her with back-up by Buford and Roy Duck, and Pascha Dog and Bernetta Duck, performing "You're The One That I Want," from Grease.

Intermission equals the end of Part One!

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