Thursday, November 27, 2014

Acknowledgements for "Millionaire Magazines"

There are several people we wish to thank for helping us get the TV Special "The Muley and Friends Show" 'Millionaire Magazines' off the ground.  Of course, the credits in the show thank all those involved in the program: Martheus Wade, Janet Wade, Andrew Chandler, Nora Childers, Jonathan McCarver, Brad Alsobrook, Ed Griffith, Beth Kelly, Lisa Pretti, Drew Russom, and Anthony Howald.

First, we'd love to thank our home church, First Congregational Church, for allowing us space to hold auditions and the preview party, especially Julia Hicks who has been so helpful scheduling us the space.  Over all, we wish to thank all those who attend First Congo as they have always been supportive of our Mule.

For the Preview Party, we'd love to thank Steve Swift and Voices of the South for offering their chairs during the First Congo Thanksgiving Feast so we could keep chairs in the Conference Center!  (One of our favorite performances was at the First Congo 150th Banquet Dinner with Sister Myotis, with whom Steve is very close!)

Thanks to Bernie O'Brien at ACME Classics TV for giving us a televised stage for Muley the Mule and Friends!

We wish to thank Memphis Magazine and The Downtowner for offering us stacks of magazines for use in the finale, as well as The Memphis Flyer.

Those who helped us gather stacks of magazines:
Anita Osgood, Edwina Hackett, Linley Schmidt, Carol Leedham, Debbi Odom, and Nora Childers.

A big thank you shout out to Angela Freeman who helped turn the house into a big mess for shooting puppet films and helping stack up the magazines for the finale, as well as helping cater the meals and meetings.

Special thanks to Kent Hamson and Rising Fyre Productions for helping color-correct the film.

And a giant thank you to YOU, the reader, for your love and support during the filming of this program.

I think this about covers it for acknowledgements not listed in the credits!

Photo by Andrew Chandler.
 A few more acknowledgements from the cast and crew.

Buford the Dog's assistant, Martheus Wade, wanted to share what he's thankful for during the holiday that the show came to television:

I'm thankful for my wife and son. The ability to draw and teach others to do so. My family. My friends. And the friendship that has brought me so much laughter and a certain dog and a Christmas saint with a fish habit.
Stage Manager and Producer, Brad Alsobrook, has a few thanks he'd like to shout-out:

Hi Friends,
I'd like to start out by personally thanking everyone on the cast and crew for all their hard work and for doing such a great job....
But a special thanks goes out to Kevin L. Williams the creator and caretaker of Muley T. Mule, Buford the Dog, Roy Duck, Missy Mule and all the other screwball characters he has dreamed up.  Without Kevin's quick wit, good sense of humor and great script writing ability,  there would not be a Muley and Friends Show.
Thanks to our wonderful group of puppeteers for bringing Kevin's colorful cast of characters to life. And thanks to Nora and Jo-Nathan for taking care of Muley and his friends (thanks for potty training them)...
And last but not least...a BIG thank you goes out to Bernie O'Brien at Acme Classics TV for having faith in us (and for having patience)  and for giving us the opportunity to do The Muley and Friends Show.... Without your support, the Muley Show would not have happened... Thank-you for giving us a chance to share Kevin's dream and beloved characters with a wider audience. 

Brad Alsobrook
The Muley and Friends Show

Our camera assistant, Bethany Kelly, added:
Many thanks to my very talented friends, Kevin Williams and Muley The Mule, for including me on this great project and for allowing me in some small way to be a part of their wonderful, ever evolving dream come true. ----(And, an extra thanks to Muley and the rest of the gang just for being so darn cute!) *:-* kiss
Much love ~~ Bethany aka Beth

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