Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Boys and Jonathan

Just when you think it's safe to simply agree and say "yes," you realize all too late who it was that you just agreed with, and that you didn't find out exactly what you agreed to.  This is a lesson in caution, because (while you were reading this, you didn't realize that) you promised to bring me a bunch of delicious cookies.

Well, you did.

 See them in the TV Special "Millionaire Magazines" coming Thanksgiving 2014 to ACME Classics Television!

Video Credits:
Videography, editing, music by Ed Griffith
Sound: Drew Russom, Brad Alsobrook
Camera assists by Lisa Fletcher
Written/Created by Kevin L. Williams
Muley the Mule assisted by Kevin L. Williams
Buford the Dog assisted by Martheus Wade
Roy Duck assisted by Andrew Chandler
Jonathan Monroe performed by Jonathan McCarver

Soon to be seen on "The Muley and Friends Show" only on Acme Classics!

Watch AcmeClassics on...
CH 23.2 - Memphis
CH 34.1 - Senatobia
CH 15 - Comcast cable
CH 34 - Uverse

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