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"The Muley and Friends Show": Millionaire Magazines - Press Release


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November 14, 2014



MEMPHIS, TN, November 14, 2014– FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, “The Muley and Friends Show” makes a debut to television with the special television presentation, Millionaire Magazines.  The episode will focus on the madcap misadventures of Muley the Mule (Kevin L. Williams) and his friends Buford the Dog (Martheus Wade), Roy Duck (Andrew Chandler), and Missy Mule (Janet Wade), as they work to help (badly) their human keepers, Jonathan Monroe (Jonathan McCarver) and Nora Moore (Nora Childers).  Appearing on ACME Classics, Comcast 15 and U-verse 34, 8:55am and 4:25pm, also over the air on CH 23.2.

“What I hope to achieve with our television program is bringing family members together for some fun and edutainment,” said creator, Kevin L. Williams.  “Having the show debut on Thanksgiving will do just that.  Muley the Mule and Friends have always been about friends and family, and keeping them close—viewing and laughing together—will be fulfilling to all of us.”

“The Muley and Friends Show,” based upon comic strips (published in newspapers, international journals, magazines, comic books, newsletters, and the internet) featuring the same characters, has appeared in live performances in the convention and festival circuit where Muley has emceed events such as Fan Films and costume contests.  While shooting his own “Mule on the Street” mockumentary, he was interviewed on the TV Guide Channel and seen nationwide.  Given the title “Official SpokesMule of the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis” charity, he often volunteered to emcee, maitre’d, and talk about the House at events, news, and radio.  To date, Muley (and his friends) have appeared in all forms of media with the exception of motion pictures.

Now, in their first-ever televised TV special, a 22-minute story on helping – proper ways to do that – and how parents should handle things when kids do things wrong, the story will achieve answering the question of social issues as well as a need for family time and fun.

“One of our greatest compliments was when Muley the Mule and Friends were described as ‘taking Muppets and Peanuts, mixing together in a bowl, putting in the oven until half-baked,” said creator Kevin L. Williams.  “Innocence and irreverence rolled into one happy burrito.  Or, one happy burro—since the title character IS a mule.”

Catch “The Muley and Friends Show” Thanksgiving 2014 on ACME Classics television on Comcast 15, U-Verse 34, and over the air on channels

About Kevin L. Williams Productions, LLC.
A recognized entertainment resource, Kevin L. Williams Productions has excelled as a go-to for family entertainment whether comic strips or books to live puppet productions.  Adults and kids alike are drawn to the diverse cast of characters that have appeared on stage, television and radio, and all forms of print media.  The characters have been highly sought after to emcee events and other stage productions, and non-MuleyVerse puppets have appeared in various other productions, including fan-favorites and award-winning shorts.

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Roy Duck, Buford the Dog, and Muley the Mule plan to win $1million.

Art time.

Missy Mule interrupts art time.

Jonathan comes home to find a broken lamp.

Nora collects Missy, Pascha Dog, and Bernetta Duck for home.

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