Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to DVR "The Muley and Friends Show"

We can promise you that, although you can't see the show's name in the listings, the following channels will be showing "The Muley and Friends Show" on Thanksgiving Day:

Comcast 15
U-Verse 34

Over the air:
Memphis 23.2
Senatobia 34.1

The times are 8:55 am and 4:25 pm.

So, why doesn't the show name appear in the listings?

ACME Classics has to turn in their schedule a little over a month before the actual programming hits.  That way, Comcast and U-Verse will be able to have their television guides loaded and ready to show on your screen.

However, it was a little after the previous schedule was sent that the decision was made to show "The Muley and Friends Show" on Thanksgiving Day.  So, when you look at the schedule, you are going to see Roy Rogers or some such. 

Instead, ignore the listings and set your DVR for the above channels and times (a little before and give it about 40 minutes to run) to be sure you get a copy of the show saved on your system!

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