Friday, November 21, 2014

Best Pals - Muley the Mule, Buford the Dog, and Roy Duck!

So, let's look at some of the teams throughout history:

Laurel and Hardy
Abbott and Costello
The Marx Brothers
The Three Stooges
Muley the Mule and Friends...


Muley the Mule has never been seen too far away from his best pals, Buford the Dog and Roy Duck. (And, who can forget the self-proclaimed unrequited love interest, Missy Mule?)  What made these three such great friends?  None could ever know; but, all it takes is that one little moment for something to spark and that's when great friends come in to your life.

One of the greatest things about Muley the Mule and Friends is that, no matter what their differences are, the critters look past their differences to what is on the inside.  They truly care about each other (yes, Muley cares about his friend Missy {who cares too much}).  Ultimately, they have each others' back, as they say.  What do you look for in a best pal?  Who are your friends?

Here are other friends of Muley's that will be making appearances in the shows as time goes on.  If you've been to any of the live shows at festivals and conventions, then it is very likely you may have seen some of them already.  Especially if you've read their comic strip collection.



If you have questions for Muley the Mule or the team, use our comments section below, or you can visit Muley at his Facebook page by clicking here.


Video Credits:
Featuring Roy Duck
Videography, editing, music by Ed Griffith
Sound: Drew Russom, Brad Alsobrook
Camera assists by Lisa Fletcher
Written/Created by Kevin L. Williams
Assistant to Muley the Mule, Kevin L. Williams
Assistant to Buford the Dog, Martheus Wade
Assistant to Roy Duck, Andrew Chandler

Soon to be seen on "The Muley and Friends Show" only on Acme Classics!

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Read the comics in "Muley's Comix and Stories" collection!
This is the first online publication of the full wrap-around cover!

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