Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Christmas Wish

Did you have trouble like we did last night?  In the excitement learning there was no way to get the little ones convinced to go to sleep...until you had to play the wild card?  You turn on the warm air in the house, you give them a little lamp or night light (as you see in Muley's room), and you even give them water; but, refusal to sleep is weighing down on you.  While Buford the Dog and Roy Duck went to sleep with ease, Muley the Mule's excitement was too great and we couldn't get him to go on to sleep--until...

Well, watch this.  I documented it on camera (and just now added some titles to it); but, you can see what went on.


Merry Christmas 2013

A celebration of Christmas with a little cartoon.  It didn't get the postcard publication as we wished, so here you get to see the back design that hasn't been seen yet.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Meet Buford the Dog

It has been said that dog is man's best friend; but, it isn't only just so.  Dog is also mule's best friend.  And if you're a mule there is no other dog better to be best friends with than Buford the Dog!

A bit more about Buford:

By the way, something you don't realize:  Buford has won Best of Show in a presentation of dogs before.

You can also see Buford's adventures with Muley the Mule and Friends by clicking and owning their comic compilation:

Fun and Games:

Right-click and save to your computer to
print and play this fun maze!

Build your own Boxy-Buford!
Right-click and save to your computer to
print and play with this.  Pair up with your Boxy Muley
and start a whole Muley and Friends collection today!

From these samples you can see how much fun Boxy Buford can be!  You can put him within your collections or, even better, pair him up with your Boxy Muley!


If you have questions for Muley the Mule or the team, use our comments section below, or you can visit Muley at his Facebook page by clicking here.


Video Credits:
Featuring Buford the Dog
Videography, editing, music by Ed Griffith
Sound: Drew Russom, Brad Alsobrook
Camera assists by Lisa Fletcher
Written/Created by Kevin L. Williams
Assistant to Buford the Dog, Martheus Wade

Soon to be seen on "The Muley and Friends Show" only on Acme Classics!

Watch AcmeClassics on...
CH 23.2 - Memphis
CH 34.1 - Senatobia
CH 15 - Comcast cable

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Muley Show Commercial

The first commercial for the show ran on ACME Classics tonight.

Watch AcmeClassics on...
CH 23.2 - Memphis
CH 34.1 - Senatobia
CH 15 - Comcast cable

Credits for the commercial can be seen at the end of an earlier website posting if you CLICK HERE.  You can also find information about the show, some fun and games, and more!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Call For Props: All The Magazines Galore!

If you are in the Memphis area:  We are now on the look-out for all the magazines you can share!  Any kind, any shape, any quality.  Any.  Women's social magazines, comic books, tabloids, hunting magazines...all of them.  We have to fill a room with them for an episode of "The Muley and Friends Show."

Please let us know if you want the magazines to be recycled or returned. 

We'd like to collect them all sometime before the end of December 2013.

Please CONTACT US if you can help with your address and we'll come pick them up.  Please put "Magazines for Muley Show" in the subject line.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meet Muley the Mule

Every company has its flagship character and so do we.  Meet Muleton Mule, Jr., who his friends call "Muley the Mule" or "Muley" for short.  And, parents, stay 'tooned until the end for an important note!

This hyperactive 6-year-old loves to entertain, and loves drawing and puppetry.  He...well, let's let him tell you in his own words:

A bit more about Muley:

And, don't forget that you can get his full bio in the comic strip collection Muley's Comix and Stories!


Boxy Muley created by Janet Wade, personal assistant of Missy Mule.
Right-click and save to your computer, then print in color!

Right-click, save to your computer, and print out!

Leadership, by Angela Freeman

What is a leader?  According to entrepreneur Akhil Shahani, leadership is defined as, “The process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective.” Leaders are not always those who are hired or appointed to be in charge of others. Sometimes leaders are those who are appointed by people who desire to follow in the footsteps of those who are influencing them. There are good leaders, those who lead or influence people to follow them and then share their successes, and there are bad leaders who influence people to follow them into trouble and then abandon them to suffer the consequences by themselves. It is important to learn to be a good leader.
Who can be a leader?  Anyone can be a leader, but it takes a very special person to be a good leader. A good leader takes responsibility for the decisions they make and the results that occur because of those decisions. A good leader looks out for the best interests of those who are following.

Why teach children leadership?  Teaching leadership to children helps them to develop responsibility by giving them decision making opportunities. Giving children a chance to make decisions gives them self-confidence and the ability to make larger decisions that can matter further down the road of life. 
How can you teach a child to be a leader?  Start by letting your child make small, every day decisions. For instance, allow your child to decide when to clean their room by giving them two different choices and explaining to them the benefits and disadvantages of each choice (such as Saturday morning or Sunday morning). After allowing your child to make small every day decisions, allow them to take on one small task and be in charge of it from beginning to end. Eventually, your child will develop leadership skills which can be used throughout their entire lives.


What can YOU do to teach your child about leadership?  Choosing what's for dinner? Choosing a book to read at bedtime?  Choosing what to watch on TV (preferably US!)?  Choosing clothes to wear to school?  There are a lot of responsibility training things you can do to put your child in a leadership role.  Discuss what leadership means in your household.

If you have questions for Muley the Mule or the team, use our comments section below, or you can visit Muley at his Facebook page by clicking here.


Video Credits:
Featuring Muley the Mule
Videography, editing, music by Ed Griffith
Sound: Drew Russom, Brad Alsobrook
Camera assists by Lisa Fletcher
Written/Created by Kevin L. Williams
Assistant to Muley the Mule, Kevin L. Williams

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes Photos: The Muley and Friends Show - Intro Videos

There was a lot of fun as we got together and did video introductions for the characters to be featured in the upcoming "The Muley and Friends Show."  You'll soon get to meet:

Muley the Mule (Muleton Mule, Jr.)
Missy Mule
Buford the Dog
Roy Duck
Jonathan Monroe
Nora Moore

And for a few followers, you'll be glad to see a special cameo by the Santa Fish.

The intro videos will be followed by some Fun-n-Games, and a letter by an educator to help parents and children work together.  There will be a lot of fun times for you as well as us!

Script and Screen Shot Storyboards

When you're the photographer, you seldom get to be in pictures.
When you are the photographer and you get to show up in pictures,
they look like this.

Brad Alsobrook sitting with Missy Mule's backdrop

Andrew Chandler studies a 1976 map of Walt Disney World.

Drew Russom makes everyone sound great.

Ed Griffith directs from the camera, Lisa Fletcher looks on.

Jonathan meets Santa Fish for the first time again...
hope he likes eating seafood.

Martheus Wade has such a bright aura.

Buford the Dog, Muley the Mule, and Roy Duck take a rest.

Nora rests on Jonathan's couch, reading a graphic novel,
and is interrupted by Missy Mule.

Missy Mule thinking she's going to be on a show
called 'The Missy and Friends Show.'

Janet Wade waiting to assist Missy Mule, and
Nora is still reading.

Brad holds the microphone to get good sound of Nora and Missy.

Created, written, directed by Kevin L. Williams
Videography, direction by Ed Griffith
Sound by Brad Alsobrook and Drew Russom

Jonathan Monroe performed by Jonathan McCarver
Nora Moore performed by Nora Childers

Assistants to:
Muley the Mule - Kevin L. Williams
Buford the Dog, Santa Fish - Martheus Wade
Roy Duck - Andrew Chandler
Missy Muley - Janet Wade

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Muley Emcees Kids Costume Contest - Leland, MS Frog Fest

The Leland, MS, Frog Fest honors the home and birthplace of a famous banjo playing frog and his creator, Jim Henson.  While there, Muley had the opportunity to host the kids' costume contest and choose the Jim Henson Delta Boyhood Museum's door prize winner!  Click the image below for more images and information of what all went on at the Leland Frog Fest!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Congo's 150th Anniversary Banquet Show

Well, as you know, Muley the Mule gets the opportunity to speak to the kids of First Congo at least once a month, and was able to invite his friends to come along and appear on October 5 for the First Congregational 150th Anniversary Banquet, also celebrating Pastor Cheryl Cornish's 25 years as pastor of the church, and the 5th anniversary of Assoc. Pastor Sonia Walker.

Hosted by Cecilia Johnson, the evening found a great documentary by Joel Chapman, followed by the comedic banterings of Sister Myotis, and the musical performance of Joyce Cobb and her band!  Muley and Friends joined in with Joyce as she performed "Love Train."  According to Director of Missions, Julia Hicks, there was a band performing at First Congo once that began playing "Love Train," and the audience got up and made a love train!  Pastor Cheryl missed it as she was at another event and upon learning that it happened sadly said, "You mean there was a love train at my church and I missed it?"  Thanks to Julia, not this time! 

Muley the Mule and Friends talked about the church's impact on the city and the environment--of which the critters were very happy--and broke into a version of "This Land Is Your Land, This Land is My Land!"  They were accompanied on guitar by the beautiful, talented Annabeth Novitzki!

Attendees and performers in the show had the nicest things to share about the critters and their part in the show, and they were extremely happy to be there and participate!

Stay tuned here for more images and information.

Show assists:
Missy Mule - Janet Wade
Roy Duck - Andrew Chandler
Buford the Dog - Matheus Wade
Muley the Mule - Kevin L. Williams

Photos from the evening's festivities!

The Sanctuary set up as a banquet hall is beautiful!

Muley, Buford, Roy Duck, and Missy Mule study their lines.

Roy Duck pays extra special attention to his lines!

KT Heistand, Kevin L. Williams, and Audrey Davis

Linley Schmidt and Jonathan McCarver
(in the show Miss Linley and the caretaker of the boys Jonathan Monroe)

Anakin Wade keeps us all straight, along with Gran-Gran Jan Wade.

Andrew Chandler and Martheus Wade...pondering dinner.

Janet Wade and Kevin L. Williams - sitting closest to the cookies.

Banquet Hall full of Banquet-goers!

Table for the Muley-Crew.

The stage before the show starts.

"This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land"

Bows: Missy Mule, Janet Wade, Andrew Chandler, Roy Duck,
Buford the Dog, Martheus Wade, Muley the Mule, Kevin L. Williams.

Critters and Human Assistants.

With Annabeth Novitzki

Missy Mule and Janet Wade

Buford the Dog and Martheus Wade

Roy Duck and Andrew Chandler

Muleton Mule, Jr., and Kevin L. Williams
Learn more about the performers at their links provided in the Mu-Links section to the right of the webpage!