Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Christmas Wish

Did you have trouble like we did last night?  In the excitement learning there was no way to get the little ones convinced to go to sleep...until you had to play the wild card?  You turn on the warm air in the house, you give them a little lamp or night light (as you see in Muley's room), and you even give them water; but, refusal to sleep is weighing down on you.  While Buford the Dog and Roy Duck went to sleep with ease, Muley the Mule's excitement was too great and we couldn't get him to go on to sleep--until...

Well, watch this.  I documented it on camera (and just now added some titles to it); but, you can see what went on.


Merry Christmas 2013

A celebration of Christmas with a little cartoon.  It didn't get the postcard publication as we wished, so here you get to see the back design that hasn't been seen yet.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Meet Buford the Dog

It has been said that dog is man's best friend; but, it isn't only just so.  Dog is also mule's best friend.  And if you're a mule there is no other dog better to be best friends with than Buford the Dog!

A bit more about Buford:

By the way, something you don't realize:  Buford has won Best of Show in a presentation of dogs before.

You can also see Buford's adventures with Muley the Mule and Friends by clicking and owning their comic compilation:

Fun and Games:

Right-click and save to your computer to
print and play this fun maze!

Build your own Boxy-Buford!
Right-click and save to your computer to
print and play with this.  Pair up with your Boxy Muley
and start a whole Muley and Friends collection today!

From these samples you can see how much fun Boxy Buford can be!  You can put him within your collections or, even better, pair him up with your Boxy Muley!


If you have questions for Muley the Mule or the team, use our comments section below, or you can visit Muley at his Facebook page by clicking here.


Video Credits:
Featuring Buford the Dog
Videography, editing, music by Ed Griffith
Sound: Drew Russom, Brad Alsobrook
Camera assists by Lisa Fletcher
Written/Created by Kevin L. Williams
Assistant to Buford the Dog, Martheus Wade

Soon to be seen on "The Muley and Friends Show" only on Acme Classics!

Watch AcmeClassics on...
CH 23.2 - Memphis
CH 34.1 - Senatobia
CH 15 - Comcast cable

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Muley Show Commercial

The first commercial for the show ran on ACME Classics tonight.

Watch AcmeClassics on...
CH 23.2 - Memphis
CH 34.1 - Senatobia
CH 15 - Comcast cable

Credits for the commercial can be seen at the end of an earlier website posting if you CLICK HERE.  You can also find information about the show, some fun and games, and more!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Call For Props: All The Magazines Galore!

If you are in the Memphis area:  We are now on the look-out for all the magazines you can share!  Any kind, any shape, any quality.  Any.  Women's social magazines, comic books, tabloids, hunting magazines...all of them.  We have to fill a room with them for an episode of "The Muley and Friends Show."

Please let us know if you want the magazines to be recycled or returned. 

We'd like to collect them all sometime before the end of December 2013.

Please CONTACT US if you can help with your address and we'll come pick them up.  Please put "Magazines for Muley Show" in the subject line.