Saturday, October 26, 2013

Muley Emcees Kids Costume Contest - Leland, MS Frog Fest

The Leland, MS, Frog Fest honors the home and birthplace of a famous banjo playing frog and his creator, Jim Henson.  While there, Muley had the opportunity to host the kids' costume contest and choose the Jim Henson Delta Boyhood Museum's door prize winner!  Click the image below for more images and information of what all went on at the Leland Frog Fest!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Congo's 150th Anniversary Banquet Show

Well, as you know, Muley the Mule gets the opportunity to speak to the kids of First Congo at least once a month, and was able to invite his friends to come along and appear on October 5 for the First Congregational 150th Anniversary Banquet, also celebrating Pastor Cheryl Cornish's 25 years as pastor of the church, and the 5th anniversary of Assoc. Pastor Sonia Walker.

Hosted by Cecilia Johnson, the evening found a great documentary by Joel Chapman, followed by the comedic banterings of Sister Myotis, and the musical performance of Joyce Cobb and her band!  Muley and Friends joined in with Joyce as she performed "Love Train."  According to Director of Missions, Julia Hicks, there was a band performing at First Congo once that began playing "Love Train," and the audience got up and made a love train!  Pastor Cheryl missed it as she was at another event and upon learning that it happened sadly said, "You mean there was a love train at my church and I missed it?"  Thanks to Julia, not this time! 

Muley the Mule and Friends talked about the church's impact on the city and the environment--of which the critters were very happy--and broke into a version of "This Land Is Your Land, This Land is My Land!"  They were accompanied on guitar by the beautiful, talented Annabeth Novitzki!

Attendees and performers in the show had the nicest things to share about the critters and their part in the show, and they were extremely happy to be there and participate!

Stay tuned here for more images and information.

Show assists:
Missy Mule - Janet Wade
Roy Duck - Andrew Chandler
Buford the Dog - Matheus Wade
Muley the Mule - Kevin L. Williams

Photos from the evening's festivities!

The Sanctuary set up as a banquet hall is beautiful!

Muley, Buford, Roy Duck, and Missy Mule study their lines.

Roy Duck pays extra special attention to his lines!

KT Heistand, Kevin L. Williams, and Audrey Davis

Linley Schmidt and Jonathan McCarver
(in the show Miss Linley and the caretaker of the boys Jonathan Monroe)

Anakin Wade keeps us all straight, along with Gran-Gran Jan Wade.

Andrew Chandler and Martheus Wade...pondering dinner.

Janet Wade and Kevin L. Williams - sitting closest to the cookies.

Banquet Hall full of Banquet-goers!

Table for the Muley-Crew.

The stage before the show starts.

"This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land"

Bows: Missy Mule, Janet Wade, Andrew Chandler, Roy Duck,
Buford the Dog, Martheus Wade, Muley the Mule, Kevin L. Williams.

Critters and Human Assistants.

With Annabeth Novitzki

Missy Mule and Janet Wade

Buford the Dog and Martheus Wade

Roy Duck and Andrew Chandler

Muleton Mule, Jr., and Kevin L. Williams
Learn more about the performers at their links provided in the Mu-Links section to the right of the webpage!