Saturday, May 4, 2013

THE MULEY AND FRIENDS SHOW! (What's this about?)
                Muley the Mule and Friends began in 1980 as comic strip characters which included the misadventures of Muley the Mule and his best pals Buford the Dog and Roy Duck.  The crew also included Missy Mule and her friends, Pascha Dog and Bernetta Duck.  Also in the gang were Muley's cousins Dexter Donkey and Hector Horse, and all their pal, Calvin Cow.  The strips have been in all forms of print from newspapers to international journals, from the internet to books collecting the strips.
                Muley the Mule and Friends began appearing in "The Muley and Friends Show" doing live performances at different celebrations, festivals, conventions, eventually earning a spot on national television and radio (can you imagine?!)  Muley and his friends are also charitable types, participating in many events for Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, St. Jude, and Youth Villages.  Presently, the characters also appear monthly during services in Memphis' First Congo Church.
So far, other than major motion pictures, Muley  and his pals have appeared in all forms of media!
                The show is created to entertain adults and kids alike, maybe learning something along the way.  Muley’s popularity has always appealed to a wide range of age groups since he started in comic strips in 1988.  The different types of characters, species, etc., show that everyone can get along, even with their differences.  MULEY AND FRIENDS will exude comedy – tons of it! – our story lines have gags in them, one-liners, non-harmful pranks, jokes galore: our reason is that laughing together keeps our ties stronger with one another.


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